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That young lad in the picture is me as a boy pounding away at my father's typewriter.  My written works in those days were one-of-a-kind editions, but sadly they did not stand the test of time.  After all, stories about kids with cooties seldom hold interest past the sixth grade.

I resumed my writing career at age twenty-six when I began the research that would culminate in my first book The Gods of Eden.  I was still a college kid at heart with a penchant for digging into things and learning about the world, and that kept me at the task for seven years part-time.  The first hardcover edition was released in 1989.  I was sure that very few people would read it since I had wandered into strange territory indeed as the result of my attitude "go where the evidence leads."  I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reception that it received.   

Life and earning a living always come first, so my second book Jesus Goes to Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ did not arrive until about sixteen years later.  I like to think that I matured during those intervening years, but in many ways I still feel like that inquisitive college kid determined to figure out the world.   

This is a very simple website to say hello and answer a few questions for readers.  There is nothing to buy directly from this site, but there is information and a link showing where you can get my books if you are so inclined.

I can be emailed at

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